INCTA Certified Service Dogs

INCTA Service Dogs:

  • Hearing Impaired Dogs
  • Dogs for Wheel Chairs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Children Water Rescue Dogs
  • Emotional Support Service Dogs
  • Specific Special Needs Service Dogs.
  • INCTA supports Disabled Veterans

We do not train Seeing-Eye Dogs:  These type of Service Dogs require special accommodations, and there are excellent facilities currently already available for Seeing-Eye Dogs.  One highly recommended facility is located in:           Saint Augustine, Florida

Types of Service Dogs trained by INCTA:

  1. We are currently raising and training two German Shepherds to become Service dogs for special needs people in wheelchairs and Disabled Veterans. 
  2. The program takes about One Year of training and raising the qualified puppy.
  3. Most dogs, regardless of the type of breed, do not qualify.  It takes a special temperament and proper exposure with proper training to make a service dog.
  4. All types of breed of dogs may qualify if specifically raised for Service Dogs, if they have the special temperament.
  5. INCTA's Service Dogs will enter a life long contract with Refresher Training and check-ups for the life of the dog.
  6. All requests for Service Dogs will be evaluated.
  7. INCTA will always try to rehabilitate special Rescue Dogs if possible.
  8. All Service and Therapy Dogs have to pass an Annual Temperament Test until the dog's Retirement.

INCTA provides Service Dog Training.

Contact us today! 904.863.4173 / 904.284.1433 or

International Canine Training Academy

INCTA Service Dogs in Training

Contact us at: or or call: 904-863-4173

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Also available:  Anderhaus German Shepherd Bloodlines which are retired.  Our retired Males and Females are 5-6 years old, housetrained, Obedience Trained, some of them are Protection Trained, and are very loving dogs in need of a loving home. INCTA dogs live an average of 12 to 14+ years of age.

We work with all sizes and ages in our Service dog Program.  Outings to Stores, Restaurants and Malls along with Ambulance and Rescue Training is a big part of our Program.  All dogs have to pass our Temperament Test and be able to pass the ADI Test in order to be certified.

Serving Northeast Florida - All Breeds Welcome