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Protection Training:

A protection trained dog is sociable, loving, loyal, well behaved at home and in public, but will protect the owners and his home in given situations.  Properly Trained Protection dogs are not viscous and can be taken anywhere you go.

Protection training is teaching a dog to disarm and properly utilize pressure bites to apprehend the suspect, and release the bite when the suspect stays still.  It is teaching the owner how to control and handle the dog in a given situation and gives the owner the piece of mind of knowing what the dog will do in given situations.  The dog will also learn through socialization and training, who a bad person is and who is not. 

Children up to a certain age  are never considered bad and the Protection dog will never bite, even if the child accidentally enters the premises.

Not all dogs or breeds will automatically qualify for protection training.  Dogs will need to be evaluated before being allowed to enter a protection contract.

All Evaluations are free of charge at the INCTA premises.

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International Canine Training Academy

Our dogs love protection Training.  Children are a big part of our Training Programs.  Swimming and playing after Training is one of their greatest rewards.  We utilize their natural abilities in training and never abuse our dogs or our customer dogs.  Customers are strongly encouraged to participate in all training.